Friday, September 25, 2009

Cool stuff on the way...

   What a wonderful day it is! I know it's raining but I'm a winner. You see, Kari Hultman aka The Village Carpenter had a prize giveaway contest today. On the line was a copy of Roy Underhill's new book and a woodworking tool called a scratch stock & housing handmade by Kari herself. The challenge was to be the first to correctly answer five excruciatingly difficult questions. And I was that person. Google skills are good to have. She claims to have a much more difficult set of questions next time which, for me, would involve Dr. 90210 trivia and questions about home mortgages.

Look Ma! I'm on TV!

   It's not every day you get to see yourself on TV. I posted it on YouTube so the boys could see their own daddy on on the news. It was a fun day watching and poking fun at ourselves on TV at the firehouse.

    For those interested, LIE-NIELSEN Toolworks will be coming to Indy October 16th and 17th. Chris Schwarz will be along to perform demos as well as Alex, the helpful sales associate, from Woodcraft Indy. The location of the event is the John Herron School of Art. It looks like I'm off work on the 17th so, hopefully, I'll see you there!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Storage Chest Completed

        I finally finished the outdoor storage chest from a few posts ago. I went back and forth on the finish to use. I was intending to use this for storing play balls outside so I thought about just painting the thing and being done with it. But after planing and smoothing the top and seeing the nice redwood grain I decided to use some outdoor stain/varnish I had left over from the grill cart project. Besides, I can always prime it and paint it later but not so easily the other way around. I think it looks nice although I did leave a few drip spots. Finishing is definitely an area I need to learn more about and get more practice with. Something that's funny to me about finishing outdoor projects like this is that it looks almost too nice to be left outside, but not quite as nice as I'd like to keep in the living room. I'm sure after some scratches, a hail storm, and after the puppy starts gnawing on it, it will look right at home with all the other weathered outdoor furniture.

Now, on to the next project....

    The lumber is dry, the tools have been acquired, the heat of summer is gone. The time has come to make some real furniture. This photo is borrowed from Swamp Road Woodworks. It's a very impressive site by woodworker Joe Zeh. I really like Shaker furniture and this piece comes very close to what I've been looking for. I'm planning on using walnut that has been drying for a little more than one year by my barn. Both of my boys need new drawers so I'll see what I can do by Christmas.