Sunday, August 23, 2009

Walnut Tote

Walnut Tote project-2, originally uploaded by Richard Magbanua.
    I wanted a quick project to practice my hand tool skills and this is what I came up with. I started it while I was on vacation on the Ohio River. We were staying in a cabin in Derby, Indiana which is about a half hour east of Tell City. It started out as a box which seemed too big, so after I got home I had the idea to make a divider with a handle. To make it more challenging I attached this partition to the box using through tenons. Those turned out better than the dovetails. The handle was pretty easy. Two holes with the bit and brace joined together with the coping saw. I cleaned it up with some spoke shaves and files . I don't yet have a rasp. Maybe I'll save up for some Auriou's?
It is finished with Linseed oil and wax. I added some rubber feet to the bottom and now it's being used as a tote for art supplies.

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